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Gateway to the fields. #inspiredbywinifred #gates #countrysiderun #sky #blue #seenonmyrun #outside
Help! Your support is need to help ‘Running after Routledge' get out' the door! Check out the Indiegogo Campaign and help get this incredible project literally up & running… ready, steady, GO!! LINK 

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Juan Tepano, photographed by Quaker ethnologist Katherine Routledge in 1915. Tepano was her main source of information during her researches on Rapa Nui

Extraordinary Women in Science

Final week of this exhibit - catch it in NYC if you can!!ย 

Happy World Oceans Day from the hound dog & I! Love the ocean, and it will love you - well maybe not the jellyfish, but they sure do try ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿš๐Ÿ  Join the beach clean up next Sat with @sustainablecoastlineshawaii at Diamond Head! #worldoceansday #beach #beachcleanup #microplastic #pollution #oceanhealth #jellyfish #hawaii #ig808

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Listening to Emily Penn ‘talk story’ about her travels in the Pacific last night at Turtle Bay resort was fascinating! Not only did Emily remind everyone that travelling is good for the soul, she also highlighted the environmental issues that we must all consider: plastic pollution, electricity, waste, food, fish… the list goes on. SOS was inspired! Let’s go sailing!! :)
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