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Krohg, Christian (1852-1925) - 1880c. Fisherman (Harvard Art Museums, USA) by RasMarley on Flickr.

Cycle for Ocean Health!

Become a bicycle commuter and do your bit for the Oceans! Yes, you :) 

Nanao Sakaki: Environmental Activist & Poet

Read as much as you can about Nanao Sakaki, a Japanese man who wandered the Earth with great ease. Environmental activist to the core.  

International Women's Day

Let’s celebrate the great things we do together and the great women who inspire us to keep on working towards equality. Katherine Routledge was amongst those women who were not afraid to speak up in a crowd. Today  we take time to consider the work of individuals such as Katherine - and how they are still making an impact on the modern world. 

Reading The Mystery of Easter Island and realising more the strength of Katherine Routledge - a mysterious woman herself but a courageous person! #womensday
Ecover are going to start collecting plastic pollution in the sea so that it can be recycled into new packaging! An excellent start on the path to reducing marine plastic pollution - but how can we prevent it from ending up in the ocean in the first place? Use less? 
Jeremy Irons spoke yesterday to the EU about the massive importance of reducing plastic waster - by consuming less! Steps we can all take just include simply thinking creatively - how can I do this differently? Have a go!! Too much plastic ends up in the sea :(

We have a Facebook Page! Whooppeee

Check out our Facebook page for extra updates and info about the expedition. #sailourseas 


Yes, this is a magical one.

Citizen science project Opal marks its fifth anniversary - in pictures

A fantastic way to involve people in science and for all of us to learn more about the world we share with so many amazing creatures!

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